Forensic Science Consultant




Services Offered

To include:

Alcohol determination

Drug analysis

Drugs and driving

Drug testing in the workplace

Drunk driving issues

Forensic toxicology

Arson investigation

Crime scene reconstruction

Hair and fiber comparisons

Paint analysis

Glass analysis

Bloodstain analysis

Sexual assault evidence

DNA fingerprinting

Forensic serology

Foot wear evidence

Gunshot residue analysis

Toolmark comparisons

Serial number restorations

Product liability


Specializing in
Forensic Aspects
of Alcohol and
Drug Intoxication

To include:

  • Driving Under The Influence
  • Dram Shop Litigation 

Effects of alcohol & drugs
on drivers

Evaluation of all the
psychophysical test responses
including video tape documentation

Physiological effects of alcohol

Reliability & operation
of breath testing devices

Laboratory methodology for
blood alcohol determination

Retrograde calculations
of blood alcohol levels

Widmark & related calculations




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